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Mentorship Lunch Gathering

We had a lunch gathering among mentors, mentees and ex-co members on 26th May 2012. The lunch provided a comfortable environment for interactions among mentors and mentees. Mentors shared with us their valuable experience on career and gave us some insights on their expertise. Mentees also proactively asked questions and contributed [...]

Joint Institutio‚Äčns Young Engineers National Study Program 2012

The trip to Guangzhou was more rewarding than I had expected. The activities involved were mainly technical site visits and seminars related to engineering disciplines.

The visit most memorable to me was the one to Guangzhou Honda Automobile. Preceding processes like main body assembly and welding were automated with machines. Assembly of small parts were divided [...]

Call for Papers for IIE (HK) Annual Journal 2011 and IER

We are proud to open the call for papers for IIE (HK) Annual Journal 2011 and IER. This call for papers will open until 24th June 2011.
Please read the call-for-papers-2011 for details and refer to layout guideline for layout requirement.
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